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EcoGreen Team


THE TEAM – Collectively, the “team” is centered on exceeding our client’s expectations. Each member of the team brings unique skill sets to the organization. Our collaborative approach ensures we determine the correct solution for maximizing energy efficiency with guest and client satisfaction as our greatest priority. We are excited to be your long term partner.

M. SCOTT PARISI, PRESIDENT (VISIONARY) – Leads our strategic direction. Recently changed out sandals for boots; he transitioned from “beach bum” to “mountain-man”. The first winter is always the toughest, almost behind him – it does snow in April in New Jersey. Loves animals, you can also find him playing a guitar.

CHARLOTTE HOCKENSMITH, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (ORGANIZER)Client communicator, our newest member of the team. Knoxville based, supporting Scott & Greg also is a direct resource for the Regional Directors and General Managers. She is a grandma, so weekend get aways to the beach with the grandkids is high on the list. Enjoys reading, swimming and bowling.

GEOFF GROCHMAL, DIRECTOR OF PROCUREMENT (SHOPPER) –  Logistic specialist. Ensures solutions meet brand requirements and timely arrival of product to site. Geoff is a native New Jersey guy, loves the outdoors – camping, fishing and skiing are on the top of his list. He might have a line in the water right now, looking for that large mouth and a story to share.

JUSTIN MARION, DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES (BUILDER)Our “get it done guy”. When we have large deployments, Justin is our go to guy. Known for not coming in out of the rain, his get it done attitude is number one with our clients. Knoxville based and a diehard University of Tennessee (UT) fan, he is a weekend warrior who is known to escape to the mountains to fly fish with friends.

JON PAUL BYNUM, FACILITY MANAGER (EXCAVATOR) – Site visit specialist. Enjoys digging deep, investigating the energy behaviors of a property and determining how solutions are installed. Originally from Dallas – Fort Worth, he is a former “game designer” who, since relocating to Knoxville, enjoys intense mountain bike trails in the Smokies and creative projects with reclaimed wood.

GILES KING, ENERGY ENGINEER (ENERGY GEEK)  – Our energy geek. Spends hours upon hours analyzing utility usage and creating excel spreadsheets so complex, it drives most people nuts. A Raleigh resident, spending his evenings focused on advanced course work in Green Energy. Recently blew out his knee, still a soccer junkie and music enthusiast.

DON LESMERISES, DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTING (CHECK WRITER)  – The money man. Between paying for what has been purchased or ensuring our clients are billing for services, Don can usually be found on or around a golf course or at his car dealership. Knoxville based, Don can be found at the dealership during the winter months but on the golf course the rest of the year.


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