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LED Panel Lights – Eco Friendly & Long Lifespan

LED Panel Lights are a better looking alternative to standard recessed downlights, ideal for both residential and commercial locations.

Compliment your facility – multiple sizes, consistent color, modern design, and easy to install. Enjoy quality lighting for over 50,000 hours. LED panel lights for home lighting, office lighting, basement lighting, light box and sign backlighting, gym lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, and more. In addition to panel lights, we also offer several other lighting options. We are also happy to help out with energy solution services to make planning and installation easier.

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Other Lighting Options

We offer Luminoso LED Lighting options including canopy lights, downlights, flood lights, high-low bay lights, lamps, VPR-VPT lights, and wall packs. Our RAB lighting collection includes well designed area lights, bollards, ceiling lights and much more. Our Cree Lighting options include high-end commercial & industrial lighting options such as troffers, replacement bulbs, and more at an affordable price.

Energy Solution Services

As a LED lighting distributor, our goal is to provide energy efficient, eco-friendly products. The brands we sell promote efficiency and sustainability. Not only do we sell lighting products, but we also provide energy solution services such as lighting design analysis and complete design services for hotels and commercial facilities. Ideal for outdoor and indoor locations, use these products for street lights, parking lots, inside hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings or other places of business.

Check out panel lights and other energy efficient eco friendly lighting options available at EcoGreen.

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