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LED Parking Lot Lights | Bright Lighting, Safer Parking

High quality, energy efficient & eco-friendly LED parking lot lights including canopy lights, area lights, and more options.

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Cutting edge LED technology has made lighting much more efficient. Customers feel safer parking in well lit lots. Don’t take your customers safety for granted, use energy efficient lighting to deter vandals and trespassers. Take advantage of durable lighting with 100,000-hour lifespans, reducing maintenance time/expense.

Ideal Parking Lot Lights

Luminoso canopy lights are perfect outdoor solutions for not only parking lots but also gas stations, hotels, restaurants, driveways and other commercial locations. Eco-friendly and energy efficient – your guests & customers appreciate the well-lit spaces while owners appreciate the cost savings.

RAB ALED lighting is another outdoor energy efficient option featuring a high output LED light engine and weatherproof casing. Our RAB LED area lights are available in varying IES distribution types, ideal for parking lots, roadways, general lighting, and more.

Additional Lighting Options and Services

In addition to our LED parking lot lights, we also offer RAB LED low profile and easy to install downlights, roadway lights featuring uniformity and minimum glare, and also energy efficient and weatherproof wallpacks. Eco Green lighting solutions are energy efficient and eco-friendly options perfect for outdoor and indoor lighting. Enjoy our LED parking lot lights – reliable, durable, and keeping your customers safe.

Not only do we offer lighting options, but we also provide energy solutions for hotel and commercial facilities. Take advantage of opportunities such as a lighting design analysis and complete design services to help plan and budget for successful renovation and new construction.

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