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RAB LED Lighting – Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Industry leading RAB LED lighting, eco friendly and energy efficient. Features low profile designs and easy installations.

Take advantage of our multitude of RAB Lighting options. In addition we also offer several other lighting brands. We assist in designing and installations of lighting in commercial facilities. Our priority is providing you with energy efficient and eco friendly indoor and outdoor lighting options, ideal for any facility.

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RAB LED Lighting Options

RAB ALED lighting is perfect for outdoor lighting such as entrances and parking areas. High output LED light engine & weatherproof. Area lights feature high wattage and availability in various IES distribution types. Bollards are great for landscaping and easily compliment pathways or landscape designs. High output ceiling lights deliver precision optics and uniform light distribution. Decorative lights are made adjustable swivels and die cast aluminum housing. The hazardous lighting is safe to operate, resistant to shock and vibration, and features a long 100,000-hour LED lifespan.Other RAB Lighting options include downlights, flood lights, wall packs, and more.

Other Lighting Available

Luminoso LED Lighting is available in canopy lights, downlights, flood lights, high-low bay lights, lamps, panels, VPR-VPT lights, and wall packs. Cree Lighting features high-end commercial and industrial lighting options such as troffers, replacement bulbs at an affordable price. Lamar Lighting provides safe, dependable lighting, ideal for stairwells, utility rooms, and other areas.

Lighting Design Analysis

As a LED lighting distributor, our goal is to provide energy efficient, eco-friendly products. The brands we sell promote efficiency and sustainability. Not only do we sell lighting products, but we also provide energy solution services such as lighting design analysis and complete design services for hotels and commercial facilities. Ideal for outdoor and indoor locations, use these products for street lights, parking lots, inside hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings or other places of business

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